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Hey, my name's Garrett.

I have over a decade (about 13 years at time of writing) of knowledge and experience working in internet marketing.

I've worked for:
  • Private marketing firms.
  • Large electronic music festivals.
  • eCommerce websites.
  • Health services.
  • YouTubers.
  • Gamers.
  • And more!!

I rank in Google.

I have a long history of writing content that takes websites from obscurity to the first page of Google for targeted keywords.

For the first time, I'm opening up my time to help newbies get started and grow to sustainability.

I used to work in 3 month contracts:

My previous clients seem to like me.

[Garrett] took a tremendous burden off of the organization. His wide knowledge base and his command of his field made the completion of this otherwise difficult task simple, relieving the organization as a whole...The primary client grew in traffic by 135% over the next year...Garrett has a wide array of talents, from a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the work...but also the 'softer' skills... 
Michael D'Elicio, Surgeon's Advisor
[Garrett] helped us launch flagship content for our website that ended up being a success, in part because of Garrett’s efforts...We got really good traffic on the pieces Garrett worked on, and the project ended up being...central to our overall plan for the site...Garrett is really skilled at promoting his work on social media and through careful search engine optimization. He’s always willing to go the extra mile...
Claes Bell,

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