Updates Week of 2020-06-09
June 09, 2020
The first batch of weekly updates since launch!

New courses added
Banner Ads Course
  • Teaches you to make Google ad campaigns (with no design skills necessary).
  • You're ready for this course when your website is making enough money that you can afford to invest in paid advertising.
eCommerce Drop Shipping Course
  • Teaches you how to sell products on your website that automatically ship to your customers without you having to keep an inventory.
  • You're ready for this course after you've taken the Affiliate Marketing course.

Updates to other courses/products
5 Easy Steps to Quit Your Day Job
  • Added new content to the ebook by fleshing out the context of each step.
Freelancing Course
  • Added new section Still Can't Decide that includes 2 new ebooks, Purposeful Living and Passion Pursuit to help those who can't figure out what their one subject should be.

Let me know if you have any questions or requests!
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