Update Week of 2020-06-23
June 24, 2020
Hey Online Business ONE fam, this week I added a new service.

Well, two, actually. And Online Business One Program Members get it for free.

I'm now offering SEO audits for your websites.

You can invest $250 for a detailed report that breaks down every single SEO error or problem on your website, what page it's on, and info on why it's important.

I recommend running one of these 4 times a year, once every quarter.

For a basic audit, which just shows a high-level list of things to fix, it is only $100.

For members of the Online Business ONE Program, I'll run a detailed report for you for free once per quarter, and a basic audit once a month. All you have to do is shoot me a message and I'll get it over to you in a few days.

If you need help, I can even hop on a call with you and we can discuss the audit 1 on 1.

See you next week (if not sooner)!
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